Saturday, February 8, 2014

Souper Saturday!

Emily and I went to a really fun soup festival in downtown Hartsville this morning.  It was local restaurants, amateurs, and local civic groups that all made soup for a contest.  You bought tickets and then got to go around and try all the soups.  It was fun and we got to eat some awesome soups as well as meet more locals.  I got my 12 string back from Frets and Necks too, which was repaired amazingly.  They did a really awesome job and it was very affordable.  Guitar repair/building is something I would love to get into and I am thinking of trying to apprentice there or something.  Tomorrow I am going to go jam with some people in Florence.


Emily and I went to Columbia to see Gov't Mule and had a great time.  We managed to eat some amazing Vietnamese food too.  I have been doing my best with cooking but it is really crazy how wonderful a well prepared meal out can be.  Especially with ingredients that you can't afford!  The show was really fun and Warren Haynes killed it.  Last night I met up with some people that I'm planning on jamming with.  They all seemed nice and like maybe I would fit in more with them then with the open mic crowd.  But whatevs.  Seems to be difficult finding people to play with around here but I'm doing my best.  Been working on some weird solo stuff too.  Lots of reading and movies...