Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I've Been Up To

I finally played at the open mic on Monday with my own brand of singer songwriter.  It didn't win any contests but I got lots of nice feedback.  I've been feeling inspired, mostly by Tom Ze and William Onyeabor.  Watched a bunch of documentaries and have been writing and composing lots.  One of my compositions is going to be on a cool Greensboro compilation called Do It Together #2.  The first volume was great and had Heralding and Priapus and loads of good Greensboro bands.  Emily turned me on to Tim Dorsey, a writer who is kind of similar to my beloved Carl Hiaasen.  I'm also obsessed with José Martí.  His Versos Sencillos is a beautiful book.  Here is Verse V from the book:

If you see a hill of foam
It is my poetry that you see:
My poetry is a mountain
And is also a feather fan.
My poems are like a dagger
Sprouting flowers from the hilt;
My poetry is like a fountain
Sprinkling streams of coral water.

My poems are light green
And flaming red;
My poetry is a wounded deer
Looking for the forest's sanctuary.

My poems please the brave:
My poems, short and sincere,
Have the force of steel
Which forges swords.

Gorgeous rigtht?  I highly recommend this book.  Emily and I are also trying to better our Spanish language skills in preparation for some trips we fantasize about.