Saturday, January 18, 2014

Emily's Birthday!

So we have had out first week here in Hartsville.  It's been pretty nice.  Emily is settling into her job and I'm slowly and lazily unpacking.  I've been preparing some fun meals and just kind of tootling along, lazily unpacking.  Before we moved I sold a lot of my instruments, so it is nice to kind of look over what I'm left with and appreciate it anew.  We attended a nice faculty art show the other evening and had some nice snacks and some really good punch, which Emily tends to appreciate.  Today our friend Nataly came down to stay the night with us and tomorrow we are going to Myrtle Beach.  It is Emily's birthday weekend so we are celebrating it by staying (for free!) with some friends whose parents own a beach house.  It is a nice place and I look forward to it.  We will try and show Nataly a little of the town tomorrow.  We tried to hit up Hartsville nightlife, but it all closed pretty early.  One place we did manage to stop at was a cool little wine/beer boutique place called Vintage.  It seemed like a cool place to hang, and had a great assortment of good looking drinks.

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